large purchases by EOUHS

Procurement Methods

  1. Direct Procurement is a process where EOUHS negotiates directly with a single entity to provide personal or professional services or goods and services.

  2. Small Purchase Procurement is used when a purchase is below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Small purchases may be made based on informal price or rate quotations from an adequate number of sources.

  3. Informal Procurement is a competitive process where EOUHS posts a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Solicitation Document on the Oregon Public Universities Business and Opportunity (ORPU) website and/or the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website for a reasonable time necessary to obtain at least three (3) Solicitation Responses. EOUHS may also directly contact prospective Bidders or Proposers. If the notice has been posted for a reasonable time period and fewer than three (3) Solicitation Responses have been submitted, EOUHS may enter into a Contract with a Responsible Bidder or Proposer based on the Specifications contained in the Solicitation Document.

  4. Formal Procurement is a Competitive Process where EOUHS:

    1. Creates a Solicitation Document that contains the procurement procedures and necessary Specifications.

    2. Publishes a notice of procurement on the Oregon Public University- Shared Resources website and the Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN) website and, at the discretion of the EOUHS, in a trade periodical, newspaper of general circulation, or other historically underrepresented business-targeted periodicals (including Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business (MWESB) targeted periodicals), the University website, or another medium for advertising. The notice must specify when and where the Solicitation Document may be obtained and the Closing Date/Time. The notice must be published for a duration reasonable under the circumstances. 

  5. EOUHS will use a non-Competitive Proposal in the following situations:

    1. There is only one qualified provider for the good or service

    2. In the case of a public emergency,

    3. If there is inadequate competition after completing the solicitation process,

    4. If EOUHS receives written authorization in advance from the Head Start Regional Office.