Small purchases and requests

EOUHS employees may request items to be purchased for EOUHS operations. All purchases must have a documented “purchase request” form with approval from their supervisor and the fiscal manager. If an employee would like to purchase an item and be reimbursed, an approved purchase request is still necessary to receive reimburement.

The following items are not allowable for purchase requests or reimbursement:

  • Ink or ink cartridges that do not fit EOUHS-owned printers or copiers,
  • Gifts, gift cards, or prizes,
  • Item/s that will not remain in the possession of EOUHS if the employment relationship is terminated for any reason,
  • Or, the item/s are not neccessary, reasonable, and/or allowable under our grant agreements.

Before requesting items, you must determine if the item is either a consumable or “minor equipment” purchase.

  • A consumable item has a usable life of less than one year or will be consumed in one use.
  • Minor equipment has a usable life of one year or more and has a purchase price of less than $5000.

To access these forms, you will need to have access to Laserfiche. If you are off campus, you will need to sign in. For instructions to access Laserfiche and OpenVPN, go to this page.


The Consumable Request Form is for supplies consumed (ink, paint, paper products, etc.) or has an expected life of less than one year. Consumable requests should be submitted monthly by to each site director. Consumables do not require additional supervisor approvals but must be allowable expenses. 


Employees will submit a Purchase Request Form in Laserfiche for any supplies or minor equipment that are expected to have a usable life of more than one year (flashlights, furniture, tech, etc.). The form will go to their Supervisor and the Fiscal Manager or Director. The Supervisor will review for program appropriateness, and Fiscal Manager or Director will review the proposed purchase to determine.

  1. If the item is needed,

  2. If there are funds available to purchase the item, 

  3. If the item is an allowable cost,

After approval, the Program Coordinator will place the order. When the order is received, the Program Coordinator will account for the items ordered, document the packing slips, and forward them to the appropriate centers/classrooms/kitchens.

Some materials and supplies will be available in the Administrative Office. When a request is received for these items, the Program Coordinator will send items to the requesting center and document their dispersal.