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Are you new to the EOUHS program?

Below you’ll find a link to the Parent Handbook, which contains everything you need to know about our programs and what to expect from EOUHS:

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Parenting Education Opportunities for you!

If you are interested in Parenting Education Opportunities we have attached a calendar here containing all these opportunities and more!

Please join our Local Community Health Partnership (LCHP):

Fill out the new application here! As we recently transitioned to an LCHP, this new application will help us compile information on who is representing Union County as part of these meetings. Spanish forms are available upon request. The link to the application is also below:


School District Webpages:

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Union School District: 

Literacy Picnic Youtube Channel:

Hey there friends!
Below you can find the link to the channel where you can check out the different videos.

Additional Resources Below:

Blue Mountain Early Learning Hub:
Center for Human Development:
Child Care Resource and Referral:
Community Connections:
DHS Snap:
Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center:


Hunger-Free Oregon:

Fentanyl Awareness Resources:

Fentanyl is on the rise in the country, which can put many people in harm. Talk to your loved ones about the dangers of Fentanyl, don’t take any random pills or pills bought outside of normal channels, as they could be fake and very possibly deadly. Learn more about resources to help those you love with these flyers or by visiting the GOBHI site:


County Immunization Charts: